Versuri Probot - Silent Spring

Album: Probot - Probot

[w/Kurt Brecht(D.R.I)]

They ravaged the land
And polluted the seas
They burned all the forests
Or cut down the trees
They damaged up the rivers
And paved all the shores
Built Parking lots
And discount Stores
Then they started to die
But not fast enough
So, they shot at each other
With bullets and stuff
Chalk it all up to human greed
As seen on your TV

So much cruelty and madness
In these days of despair
That's not the way that I am, No
That's not the way that I am
As the earth gets sicker and sicker
A solider aims and pulls the trigger
Angels cry and demons laugh
Another suicide bomb blood bath

Silent Spring - No Birds Sing
Angels Cry - We all die

Mother Earth wept
As they tore off her dress
Heart broken, humiliated
In a state of distress
They ripped out her hair
And they scratched at her skin
Drained her of fluids
Then committed their sin
They gouged out her eyes
And cauterized her womb
They sealed up her mouth
And made her a tomb
Now she lies still
At the mercy of man
I whisper in her ear

"That's not the way that I am"

No, that's not the way that I am
No, that's not the way that I am
No, that's not the way that I am!

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