Versuri Prostitute Disfigurement - Body To Ravage

Album: Prostitute Disfigurement - Left In Grisly Fashion

[Lyrics: Niels]

Ways of insanity, twisted mind controls me
Voices in my head, telling to tear up the dead
At the burial site, freshly deceased child
Hacked up by her family, freshly beyond the cementary

Remove cold soil, with exaltation
Putrid stench unleashed, from this excavation
Coffinlid cracked open
A ghastly beauty, bringinig out the dead
To satisfy me

[Solo: Roel]

Putrefaction progress, corpse stares dismal
A beauty to me, to mutilate, f**k and kill
Violate the rotten dead, reeking orifice indulgence
Posthumous molestation, cruelty has begun

Vicious cruelty
Doomed to rot
perverse with the dead
Revel in disgust

Freshly deceased, at the burial site
Doomed, chosen, violated at night
Body to ravage, a corpse to infest
Rotting slowly, never to rest

Ways of insanity, twisted mind controls me