Versuri Prymary - Miracle

Album: Prymary - The Tragedy Of Innocence

Once again the tide rolled in today
Thought I'd sink but the waters held me firm
Must have come from a higher source above
But I never had believed at all

I will...

Don't know where the waves will take me
I'm just a pawn out on the whim of the moon
Lunar gravitation's peaking
All alone, I'm just a castaway, until you

By my side
August 31st just came and you were smiling
By my side
And I knew what love could be when you were smiling
By my side
A child's fragile mind and innocence
There was no other name for him
"Miracle" smiling by my side

Now I have some understanding
Through the chaos in my world
Miracle will be my anchor
In this ocean of insolence
In one moment, in one breath
Innocence beyond compare
Through his eyes, I'm living life
For the first time in my life

There is a difference between living and existence

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