Versuri Prymary - Oceans Of Insolence

Album: Prymary - The Tragedy Of Innocence

Visions of grandeur infecting their minds
Clouding their views of humanity
Ignorance consumes one's intelligence
Unforgivable beyond any degree

Swimming in an ocean of turbulent emotion
Use me up, spit me out
Pain is all I see
Encapsulating me
Insolence around me
Chaos all around me

And you would hide behind your false sense of control
You tell yourself you give it up on your own terms
Living out of all the pain felt in the past
If only you could only see to learn from your mistakes

Powdered highs and inhaled lines
Lie beside the demons of my mind
And sex was always given to make sure they would love you
Freely offering yourself that was given and not taken

Breaking the body
Breaking the mind
Breaking the girl
Tearing the woman

Broken, unclean, dirty, empty
Crying, love me, hurt me, leave me

Promiscuity, a symptom of past
Human repository for men to leave their scent
Sparked from a tragedy, a miracle in the make
Motherly remedy, a new life is growing

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