Versuri PSYCHOTIC WALTZ - Dancing In The Ashes

Album: PSYCHOTIC WALTZ - Mosquito

i see it coming back around
i see it coming all down
i see the future is red
i see the innocent are laying dead
they cover the dead where they're laying
until the battle is won the war has just begun

burning like a hell, g*****n
it's just a different time and another kind of vietnam
burning fire, we are going to burn in the fire
we're gonna burn it high

can you hear all the lies
that try to cover their cries
the hell is more real than the television can make it feel
keep the war machine fed
try cover your head
just think of god as a gun
this is the freedom that you've won

the skyline is glowing
and the fire is growing
this is the world that we live in
the only gift is that we're giving in
blind by the flashes
now we're dancing in the ashes
singing god is a gun
this is the freedom that you've won

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