Versuri Psycroptic - Cleansing A Misguided Path

Album: Psycroptic - Symbols Of Failure

Erratically abducted with no method of selection.
Each time unique in method, get the outcome is arrays the same:
To begin a lie with change d potential,
That an endowment of enormity it is to be forgiven of a wasted past...
No single being could relinquish such an opportunity?
A slate wiped clean.
Passed indiscretions forgotten, a new canvas to soil.
The originator of the legacy unknown.
It is assumed they were the initial recipient of heir brilliant creation.
Only a personal chronicle remains.
Leaving questions unfulfilled; writings alluding to a distressed yet brilliant mind...
One frustrated by the limitations of one lifetime, age, gender and origin remain unidentified
Irrelevant by self admission.
Not troubled by ego needs, only by our deficient learning process...
Trying to undo a culture of misinformation and lethargy.
Helping to redirect recipients away from a misguided path.
Letting the mortal live two lives instead of one.
Those seized will unlearn left with but a task,
One that they will relish with the new life they have before them
As a burden they were unaware of is removed.
A task to make two old canvases new once again.
Sharing the rebirth.
Continuing the effect.
It is simple process: life reassignment...
Hypnotic techniques never before seen disrupting the natural chemical balance thin
The brain possibly always there for such an action to be chosen?
Bracing the past, creating a future...
Years wasted are removed, as all menial traces of their previous life will be erased.
Awakening will leave them renewed, innocent once more...
Ready to pass on the gift to two more, continuing the cycle.