Versuri Psycroptic - Epoch Of The Gods

Album: Psycroptic - Symbols Of Failure

Using universal time theories to ratify their religion.
These elite toil, to advance comprehension - Of space and time.
Although; out for the benefit of 'outsiders'.
Only their sanctuary shall profit as they understand, the true purpose of life:
To become a god, to become omnipotent -
This is life's work, yet completion will be fatal.
Psychologically unbalanced leaders in knowledge,
Unwittingly preparing the termination of 'reality'.
Yet with no malevolence towards others of their kindred...
Simply focusing on the will of the sermon.
Time movement is their goal such dedication rarely witnessed!
The only motivation in their myopic minds an individual craving for a subconscious need,
Allows philosophical faults to be unseen thus far created revolutionary scientific:
And technical advancements that that would be the awe of all.
Their concealment from society however, masks such glory,
Playing fundamentalist cult like spiritual insanity.
The word of their messiah eludes to their intentions yet she is no more than,
A charismatic jester of the modern world.
Emittfihs her synonym -
The name of true insanity time must be unbalanced to reach true enlightenment
For it is a cage that enslaves us all.
Restricted in thought we are not.
For we seek what others only dream,
Try as they might, those un-enlightened will not understand
The secrets and power that await in the shifting of time we must strive against ill-informed resistance
To acquire the chalice of a higher spiritual awakening!
Time must be stopped to achieve their purpose; A crazed thought.
Impossible of course?
Yet their methods could be plausible if their timeline theories are correct,
This 'cult' could succeed in reversing reality itself,
Cataclysmic events beyond mental, comprehension.
Reversing the evolution of that universe itself!
Using, advanced quantum physics and light frequency radiation to achieve the task.
Accidentally covering the mysteries of time, but believing it to be true celestial intervention.
Theories, when, exercised, will follow a destructive path.
Transgressing timelines and interfering in matters of dimensional construct...
The Objective: To find the dawn of time itself and prevent it from commencing!
Only then will they reach.
Their goal...
A fascinating presumption, that only time will reveal...