Versuri Psycroptic - Skin Coffin

Album: Psycroptic - Initiation

Lying there, I give you thanks for your skin
Now yours was not a wasted life
I compare your pelt to the rest- oh, such a fruitful night
"I am not a believer in your pop religions
I have found my saviour, and he speaks within me"
In the darkness, humans indecipherable, it helps my cause
Death- once haunted me,
Death- it raped my life- thoughts of it strangled me
Now- I've seen the light
Now- the "lord" decides- he told me the secret of "life"...
Skin coffin- wrapped in skin, freed of sin
Skin coffin- my life is saved by human dermis
Skin coffin- I shall be eternal
I have nightly missions, must complete my coffin
Sewing skin in daytime, and removing the hair
Night is fast approaching, now I must make haste
Take my hooks and cleavers, and my knives and scissors
In a surgery bag, leave my morbid workshop
I like them young, around twenty years old
more flesh- less time
Follow them to their home (if alone) their skin so ripe
Give them time to settle in then I strike
Door unlocked see their face look up in painful fright
Hook through head, wait for death, and then I start to slice.....
Twitching- each time I hit a nerve
I'm tearing- through flesh
Bleeding- the blood it lubricates my knife... knife!
Body stripped, flesh bagged up, onto another strike...
And so each time mortal fear subsides
As I know I'm going to be here for all time
For to die in my coffin will eternalize life
Reborn- in skin- to live- forever!

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