Versuri Public Enemy - Escapism

Album: Public Enemy - How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul?

[verse 1]
Is the groove good to you
Like when you lose your thing
Forgetten grits is grocery
And eggs is poultry

Makin a livin against those makin a killin
Super blackman gotha back
And is back in the building
If the prison is that skin you in
And your cell sittin inside your skull
They say you cant getaway
From ya damn self
When your earth is heaven
And your world be hell
Check your head
Armageddons at the foot of your bed

You aint heard a word i said
Forget them slacks

Im that throwback that
Threw that throwback
Back on the racks
To get my mind back

O say can you see
I get back its still just a black and white tv
In lyin color brother
Gots to getaway to the other.

[verse 2]
Never was too good
Off the top of my head

Cause i want yall to know
Exactly what i said

This so called war in iraq
Over a thousand dead
Thats about
10 a week
Even as i speak

33% of black males in jail
55% of black students will fail
85% of black folks forgot
We were slaves
Up inside this box

America got folks brains on lock
Forget the connects

Some wanna buy whats next
Wear it like a sign up in that chest

Yall should know papa dont take no mess

If you think your past is irrelevant
Dont you know ol soul pays the gt damn rent
That messiah aint never
Gonna come as long as

You thinkin freedom
Is bein free to be dumb

[verse 3]
Soul is back
So flip them hits back
Damn the fashion
I wanna know wheres the passion

Thinkin we came a long way baby

Sayin poor michaels psycho
And prince hes crazy

But what has bob mick sir paul
Done for you lately

How they maintain on your brain
Seems to escape me

Heard some ghetto cats
Dont like metal rap

Hear it and fear it
And they think its wack

They dont even know that the blues is black
And when i rap is back to the roots

Where i be at

Not some 30 year old who dont know facts
Whos wild sayin things like some juvenile

Remember 2 million black folks in the penile
Got a world of whitefolks
Thinkin its style

Think im hatin cause you lack the information
Cause we the fbi still gots on file