Versuri Public Enemy - I Dont Wanna Be Called Yo Niga

Album: Public Enemy - Apocalypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Black

Yo! ho! yo niga! yo niga! no niga!
Check it out
How can you say to me yo my niga
Cursin' up a storm with your finger on a trigger
Feelin' all the girls like a big gold digger
Take a small problem
Make a small problem bigger
Yo I ain't poor I got dough
Don't consider me your brother no more
g*****n kilogram, how do you figure
I don't want to be called yo niga
Yo niga
Yo niga
I try to make my statements
Stick like flypaper
Judge says to me yo niga sign these g*****n papers
My boss told me yo niga you're fired
Yo niga this, yo niga that
I know you're a niga now 'cause your head got fat
Flava framalama boy you won't figure
I don't wanna be called yo niga
Yo niga
Break it down
Everybody sayin' it
Everybody playin' it rolling on the scales
'Cause everybody's weighin' it
Toby say yo I be good niga
Let me get a shovel make a good digger
I don't care how small or bigger
I don't want to be called yo niga
Yo niga...

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