Versuri Public Enemy - Yall Dont Know

Album: Public Enemy - New Whirl Odor

In the whip, try'n to a grip on how to bring the next and the new s**t brain lit.
No pen no pad this the sickest, Illest thought I ever hade thoughts of my ole dad.......

According to the word on the streets
The votes were bought to insure the presidency lets see.

The election was privatized co-operation control the votes right before your very eyes
Rienforce the lie, on CNN, fox, 9 live at 5 @ 5.

As far as the public domain,
national elections have been takin out of the public Brain the publics insane.
The facts still remain the same

The bushes are dummer and dummer
7 take away 1 in the brain nummer and nummer
They capitalize off the fear of the people
Hip hop in the head of the people lethal

Yall don't know yall don't know
What you talkin bout
Yall don't know yall don't know
So what you saying
(Come on come on)

Like the chickens coming home to roost
It's not a Question of why but what party you choose

(The Governments the enemy)

Don't know about you but it's clear to me
Uncle sam wants me to be all that I can be to keep his enemies free.

Yall don't know yall don't know
What you talkin bout
Yall don't know yall don't know
So what you sayin

I got a black thought to send ya!
Bush N Kerry the New world Oder Agenda's in ya!
And it's a well known fact.
The next election you'll vote Republicrate
And that's a fact and ill bet a stack on that

Shhhhhhhhhh those are the lies and the liars that tell them, liars that lie like the lies they tell them.

Here's all the news that's fit to print
From the mind of a pro black militant.....uhhhhhhh

Yall don't know yall don't know...

Bio micro chips in the arms of pimps
Snitches aint s**t along with the trick
The shady bunchcan get the dic-tionary
It's very neccessary that tom got me out on the ridge homeless with nowhere to live.....they fig
They called me the last NIG so I brought the noise and still lived.

The beast restored a puppet regime population 8 point 9 human being beings
Mental cap of a black it's a fact
Done deal dude it's a RAP.

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