Control (ver3) Tab - Puddle Of Mudd

Puddle of Mudd 
Come Clean
Tuning:  Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb ( top to bottom )

/ = slide down
 = slide up
x = mute string (dont play)


-------4------4------4/7776------7------7------72220------- Repeat 2x times for singers guitar, 4x for 2nd guitar

Intro pt.2 for singers guitar ( repeat 2x)
-------------------///-these r elevens-----------------
----2/444/7777666/ 9  9  9 77766------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I cant hear the cords the 2nd guitarist plays or the singer's part so youll have to figure that out urself.

Then repeat the intro pt1 four times for everyone
when the singer starts to say, ''I need to feel you"

Then after the second time u play the intro 4 times for everyone 
the singer palm mutes a 5 on the low E

Thats all i got for right now ill have more though
Peace out

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