Versuri Pulp - Happy Endings

Well, imagine it's a film & you're the star & pretty
Soon we're coming to the part where you realise that you should give your heart
Oh give your heart to me.
Now the orchestra begins to make a sound
That goes round & round & round & round & round & round & round & round & round again
And we kiss to violins.
Well some sad people might believe in that I guess
but we know better don't we?
We know all about the mess.
The aftermath of our affair is lying all around and I can't clear it away.
No. And d'you think that it's so easy to find?
Somebody who is just your kind?
Well it might take you a little time but I'm going to have to try.
Oh yeah I'm gonna try.
And I know no-one can ever know which way to head
But don't you remember that you once said that you liked happy endings?
And no-one can ever know if it's going to work
But if you try then you might get your happy ending.

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