Versuri Pulp - Live Bed Show

She doesn't have to go to work but she doesn't want to stay in bed
Cause it's changed from something comfortable to something else instead.
This bed has seen it all from the first time to the last
The silences of now and the good times of the past
And it only cost ten pounds from a shop just down the road
Mind you that was seven years ago and things were very different then.
It didn't get much rest at first, the headboard banging in the night yeah.
The neighbours didn't dare complain and everything was going right.
Now there's no need to complain 'cos it never makes a sound.
Something beautiful left town and she doesn't even know its name.
Now every night she plays the sad game ooh ah ah
Called pretending nothing's going wrong oh, oh
But she knows if this show was televised no one would watch it
Not tonight but 7 years ago.
La la la la la la la

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