Versuri Purified in Blood - Imprisoned Freedom

Album: Purified in Blood - Reaper Of Souls

In this blinded world im afraid of tomorrow
You cans see yourself because the mirror is broken
Shattered remains reflect the product
Of your constant consumption
This sadistic culture has shackeled resistance
And forced us deeper into desperation
Abandoning reason as we accept treason

The clothes on our backs-sown by bleeding hands
The flesh you eat- grown on stolen land
This foul stench of deceit will not die until we are free
There is no time for reconsolidation
We have imprisoned freedom

I cant digest and I cant accept the worlds unleashed
When you preach about what is wrong and what is right
When lies are justified through modified divine rights
Left to find new ways to regain our freedom
Guerrilla warfare-the last hope for liberation

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