Versuri Pythia - No Compromise

Album: Pythia - Beneath the Veiled Embrace

So the beast is here
And we just sit and wait
Whilst he takes his fill
His wolves are at the door
We left it open wide
What a bitter pill

There is no compromise
there is no truth or lies
This is one more setting sun
What have we become
When this life is over

What are the odds that we'll never be free?
There is no compromise
Waking alone at night, never to dream
There is no compromise
What of the lands that burn under the sun?
There is no compromise
Where will our children go when we are done?
There is no compromise

You think that the beast is God
His words are so sweetly made
But Gods has left this place
Now that it's up to us
Will you just turn and run
Or will you stand your ground?

Where will they go?