Versuri Pythia - Ride For Glory

Album: Pythia - Beneath the Veiled Embrace

I'd be a liar if I said this wasn't hell
Waiting for your heart to find me
And in the darkness when I cast my evil spell
All I find is light to blind me

Saddle up my love
It's time we ran this race of pain
No more tears to shed
It's time to end this stupid game
And be the master of the hunt

Ride for glory
I do not believe that we can
End this story
Ride for glory on the steeds of hell.

The steeds of hell will never cease
to conquer mans desire to flee
Their hooves of fire will rage and storm
and leave a woman's love forlorn

We're running wild but we can't seem to halt the pace
I will not kneel just to kiss you
I rein you in but you're a man I can't replace
So I whip you just to miss you