Quo Vadis Chords & Tabs

Country: Canada Label: Skyscraper Music Website: www.quovadis.qc.ca Formed in: 1992 1992- Technical Death metal Line-up Current members: 1992-  Bart Frydrychowicz - guitars, backing vocals   2003-  Roxanne Constantin - keybords, backing vocals, bass (2008-)   2006-  Marc-André "MAG" Gingras - guitars   Former musicians:......Biografie Quo Vadis

Silence Calls The Storm Tab

Rasputin Tab

Point Of No Return Pt I - Mute Requiem Tab

Point Of No Return Tab

On The Shores Of Ithaka Tab

Night Of The Roses Tab

I Believe Tab

Dream Tab

Deadmans Diary Bass Tab

Cadences Of Absonance Tab

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