Blow Out Chords - Radiohead

     BLOW OUT - Radiohead

Corrected by Mike Talbot
Send me a tab and Ill correct it.

This tab might not be 100%, but it is (now) much better than any others Ive 
found, and sounds very good.

On: Acoustic
Originally tabbed by: Salon Kitty

    Emsus2  F*    G*    A   Amaj7  Am7


(Emsus2 is labeled just as Em)

F*    Em F* Em            G* A  G* A
In my mind and nailed into my heals

        Em F* Em                 G* A G* A
All the time killing what I feel

                 Em    F* Em
And everything I touch

         G* A
Turns to stone

             Em    F* Em
Everything I touch

   G* A
Turns stone

[Bridge] (2x)

Amaj7  Am7
Do do do do do do

     EmF* Em                G*   A    G* A
I am fused just in case I blow out

     Em F* Em                  G*    A   G* A
I am glued just in case I crack out.

[Play chorus again, 1.5x through] 

| x  Mute note

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