Everything In Its Right Place Acoustic Chords - Radiohead

Everything in its Right Place - Radiohead

Standard Tuning, Capo 1

This is a simplified version of the song I figured out for acoustic guitar. It's not 
by any means, but it sounds good, and with some fiddling you can make it your own.

Chords (capo-relative):
Bsus4   Cmaj7   D6sus2   E
  0       0       0      0
  0       0       0      0
  8       9       11     9
  9       10      12     9
  9       10      12     7
  7       8       10     x

There's also a riff he does at the end of each Bsus4-Cmaj7-D6sus2 iteration that goes 

D|--9----------9--| . . .
(note, the 10h8 can be awkward; for beginners, try 10/8 instead)

This song is pretty all-over-the-place when it comes to the lyrics. Just know that for 
of the song it plays the B-C-D-riff progression until it adds in the E before it.

Your best bet is to listen to the song while you play, to get the rhythm and timing.

Part 1 (most of the lyrics are contained in this part):

     Bsus4    Cmaj7  D6sus2
     Bsus4    Cmaj7  D6sus2
     Bsus4    Cmaj7  D6sus2
     Bsus4    Cmaj7  D6sus2
             Bsus4    Cmaj7  D6sus2
In its right place ...

Bsus4    Cmaj7  D6sus2
Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon...

Bsus4    Cmaj7  D6sus2
      There are two colors in my head...

Bsus4    Cmaj7  D6sus2
      What was that you tried to say?

tried to say, tried to say, tried to say, tried to say...
          E    Bsus4    Cmaj7  D6sus2
tried to say!

Part 2 (outro):

E    Bsus4    Cmaj7  D6sus2

repeats to fade

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