Versuri Rage Against the Machine - The Narrows

Drop it

Try to crack
And some will react
Vocal snap so trap
I'm trying to rap

Those who try to subdue
the truth
lose their condition
were labelled inactive

Being 91
the twentieth century
Brooklyn is a magnum in the bottle of kerosiene

flame ignites into the black
sending fright
thought you could read minds
and words and insight

Backin' the explosion on stage
guns fear
Frances Fanon
presence of war

Using my brain
Until the power is obtained
Using my strength to gain
A struggle for rage

But I
Choose another tune to uplift
Yeah, you know my anger is a gift
a gift to expect the test we all must face
Out my face

Release the reason
Allow the pain
The actors change
But the plays the same

In the narrows
In the narrows
In the narrows

Some are the holders of power
But the style will