Versuri Raintime - Fire Ants

Album: Raintime - Psychromatic

Every day it's the same old s**t,
Empty glasses and stumbs around,
Red eyes just turning brown for a while
And TV showing the mess again,
Fire ants coming out from hoards,
Marching off, flying bloody flags,
Take your ticket to all that hate
And you'll be ready for the...
War against the unknown!
You believe in what they say,
Always ready for
War aginst the wall!
Feel the freedom through the stones,
Why don't you fight alone?
Every night seems a new daylight,
Screaming turnin into laughing,
Rainbows coloring sticks and stones,
Leaves are talking lions,
Sitting down with some friendly flies,
Dogs are tired of being pillows,
Take your torches and give them light,
Because you're ready for the...
Than you feel alone again, in prison.
Yellow, gree and black are not the colors of your nation,
Trapped by greyness of your sad existence.
Fire ants will eat the deserts left behind in your head,
They will never stop cause they are your freedom.

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