Versuri Ram-Zet - Pray

Album: Ram-Zet - Escape

Black silence in my heart
grey chaos in my head
white loneliness in me
questions tearing me apart
love and hate fighting in me
and it hurt's like I hurt you
like you hurt me
it's all a nightmare that never seems to end
because of the curse in my sleep
grinding bleeding fighting loosing
once again
it's me and I'm falling...down

How I wish I could say
it's over now but I know it's a dream
so I just pray
that this won't tear us apart
that you'll stay
I keep your soul in my heart

War and peace negotiating my soul
going dark my smile
turning pale bedevilled darkness taking over
blinding powers shooting at my soul
it shoots and it shoots me
it's all a disaster killing me
one by one beware of the gun at your head
pulling trigger
hitting falling once again
there's blood all around

How I wish you could say
it's over now but you'll never be free
so I just pray that all your pain disappears
I'll stay until the end of endless...grie!

Eyes of ice tries to steal me
have to find some place above this empty seeds of sadness
makes me wish I'd never been born at all