Versuri RAVEN - Athletic Rock

Album: RAVEN - All For One

I'm into mental metal
My ears are well blown out
Still I'm prepared for madness
Just let me scream and shout

The system wants me to be
Faceless, just work all day
I won't turn into a machine
I'm gonna have my say

No giving I'm taking
I've got nothing to lose
I'm leaving and breathing
It ain't bad news

Athletic rock
You know I'll never stop
Number one crazy athletic rock

The trucks they keep on moving
On highways through the night
From town to town they travel
Delivering all this might


ROCK don't look back
All of your dreams have come true
ROCK make it last
All of your body screams out
ROCK don't stop now
More of the same but louder
ROCK on your feet
It it's the last thing that you do

No rules no regulations
We're right out of control
We'll blast apart your body
And rip apart your soul


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