Versuri RAVEN - Sledgehammer Rock

Album: RAVEN - All For One

Well I'm ready
Are you ready?
We're all ready to rock
We're here in your town
Bring the hammer down

You got nothing
You got nothing
You got nothing to lose
Get off your feet
On your seat!

Out here on the road
live the mental code
Switch to overload

Sledgehammer rock
It's gonna hit you where it hurts
It's gonna hit you where it hurts - Sledgehammer Rock

You got nowhere
You got know how
You got to know where you stand
When you come from the back
Ready for the attack

You got reasons
You got something
You got someone to hate
With both fists clenched
Like a bull at a gate

Bound to break your back
It's full scale attack
painful as the rack

You got hustle
You got muscle
Stand up take the command
Ready to fight
Destroy all in sight



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