Versuri RAVEN - Take It Away

Album: RAVEN - All For One

Ever since I met you, been out of my mind
Never was a bad boy, never unkind
Might have been a hurricane once or twice
Gonna shoot you right between the eyes

Run a million miles away
That's not far enough
Cause I'll come knockin' on your door
Screaming murder
I won't let them take it, take it away
Never, never away from me
I won't let them take it, take it away
Enough is enough and I'm aiming for you

Maybe no money maybe no job
Calling me a liar, calling me a slob
No sense of security
I want you do you want me?


First you push me up
Then you drag me down
I'm, I'm running blind
Don't you know you're blowing up my mind


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