Versuri RAZNA - Self Debate

Too late, my soul-mate, I can no longer wait
I hungered for you, for a while... then I ate.
I dreamt of your lip shape and of your heart rate
But slowly and surely my dream would deflate.

My lips, in my sleep, sometimes conjugate
Our imagined love, so peachy and great,
But I wake and re-live this perpetual blind date
That\\'s been all my life, without you, lie and wait.

    My soul found refuge beneath this armored plate
    My mind is now busy with real estate,
    My hands took to sowing and forgot your trait
    Your image, I hid long ago in a crate.

I wish you would come, and my world recreate
I wish you'd erase my routine and dead-weight
But we are now lazy and you're a bit late
Too late, my soul-mate, I could no longer wait.

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