Versuri REBELLION - Born A Rebel

Album: REBELLION - Born A Rebel

Ride ride
Let the power take you way into the night
We were born to die
Ride ride
We were raised to lead the ordinary life
What a kind of life

Bad to the bone we ride a nightmare through your dreams
Can't you feel the surge for freedom forget eternity
The good die young we'll burn but never fade away
There is a lust for destruction don't dream your life away

Hear the voices on the wind
Start the engines the ride begins

Evil ride on
Thundering down the highway
Born a rebel till the end
Born a rebel till the end

Spewn outa hell we'll dance around your open grave
No more broekn promises nothing left to save
We all die young with demons riding on our back
There is no golden paradise eternity is black

And when the end will come my friend
There is nothing to complain
I choose this life I took it all
I'll be the only one to blame

But I shall still ride on the wind forevermore
Within the storm you'll hear my voice
I'll be the dust along road that you ride
It was my life it was my choice

Born a rebel let the spirit never die
Don't take their answers raise your hand
Born a free man don't believe in all their lies
Born a rebel till the end
Born a rebel till the end