Versuri REBELLION - Evil Speaks

Album: REBELLION - A Tragedy In Steel - Shakespeare's Macbeth

Darkness settles down
On your spirit bound
By the fears eroding your mind
As the dead arise
They fix your eyes
And your secrecies they find
You have got to know
You would sell your soul
Though evil tongues may beguile
To the sisters you run
They knew you would come
And they greet you with a luring smile
There is no need to ask
For they know their task
As they sing in a language of old
A black cat screams
They weave your dreams
An apparition does unfold
A bloody child
Clad in fires wild
Demons answer me
Beware of Macduff
Act bloody and rough
And an end to it there will be

Watch out, beware
There are boundries you shouldn't dare
better beware my human friend
where the evil lurks your life will end
They are touching your soul
With their fingers so cold
Sanity's left behind
More answers you need to find
Strange prophecies
Giving hope to thee
Promising life not death

Fear no one
For none of woman born
Shall ever harm Macbeth