Versuri REBELLION - Iron Flames

Album: REBELLION - Born A Rebel

Fading hope, as the hours pass by
Minutes running through your hands
All the tears stained, no need to cry
Is this life or just a reason to pretend

You face your fate
The dungeons await
Before you burn
There is agony to learn
You've never been the one to blame

How can you stand as
Pain closes in
I'm locked in fire
The Iron Flames burning

The grip of death
Tell us where was your sin
I'm locked in fire
The Iron Flames burning

There is coldness in the prayers of love
Or is it just a surge for power
Never meant this way or did Jesus pray
To lock innocence in the tower

You give your life
To satisfy
All christian men to stern
For you there's agony to learn

Is there any true belief?

Let the brush-wood burn
See the faces turn
Sending your message through history