Versuri REBELLION - Through The Fire

Album: REBELLION - Born A Rebel

Welcome friend, you are invited to join us till the end
Come on in and close the door behind you, take my hand
Leave all your sins and troubles out of there blessed walls
I'm your show master now, judgement day it's called

Hear the wolves outsdide
They want us dead, no mercy in their eyes
But god gave me a sign
We can be saved, say god bye now, see you the other side

Follow me right through the fire
It will purify your sins
Keep belief, I'm the messiah
And judgement now begins

Is it a flicker of doubt, is it fear within your eyes
Now there is no return trust and you shall rise
No, I never let you go, a sheep belongs to it's flock
Look around and realize that all the dorrs are locked

Hear the wolves outside
No one of us will leave this house alive
The die is cast my friend
You'll have to follow me walk through the fire to your end

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