Versuri Red Harvest - Righteous Majority

Album: Red Harvest - Nomindsland

for damn too long Ive lived my life, thinking, speaking as I was supposed to do
playing my part just for you, succeed in life, be one of us
straight forward on the safest line, well hell I got some news for you,
I want responsibility of my life
I wont sustain your dogmas, or speak your words and claim them as my own,
just to please you, the authority
but its hard to raise your voice, with an Uzi in your back
I revolt, I disagree with the norms set by the old men
I speak up, I will be heard, words of change wont be unspoken
all as one, Ill be myself
one grey mass, I wont abide
that is how, I wont succumb
it should be
I know I have a different point of view, and I know thats not acceptable to you
you will do, the will hell I will
as youre told, I will go my own way
oppress the thinking, they might think the wrong way
applaud the thoughtless, their guided easily
it was my belief that even the minorities, had a valid voice in our society
maybe I am wrong but I had an illusion of the perfect
an utopic dream of a world where I could dwell
optimistic people have a lack of useful information
distorted eyes cant see beyond the life which clouds the future of our lives
now you see, leave me alone
and now you know, I cant take no more
youre too small, just leave me alone
and were too strong
lift the burden of an independent mind, off my shoulders, my dreams I resign
all you need, I kneel before you
is discipline, lick the soles of your feet, I close my eyes to the world outside
I will live my life, silent, obedient, now Im afraid to disgrace myself
in front of the righteous majority
my revolt seize to exist, to the approval of the old men
I remain forever silent, words of change remains unspoken

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