Versuri Redemption - Bleed Me Dry

Album: Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin

Bind to me keep me in the shadows of your life
Terrified frightened I might step into the light
Drinking deep from wells of bitterness within your soul
Holding fast to self-deluding visions of control

Youre convinced that when youre done and the day is through
The applause was just for you

Paranoid jealousy is all youve come to know
Pettiness make a friend into another foe

And now everything is done, and the day is through
Now theres no one left for you

Twist the blade inside of me and bleed me dry
Cause theres nothing you can say to me to make things how they used to be again
I have built a better life without your lies and I will not be broken

I dont need your blessing now
I dont need your fantasies
All your fictions dont sustain me anymore
Breaking bonds, Im setting myself free

Blind to yourself and to see you pushed away
Empty-handed and alone now at the end of the day
All of your misguided claims are dead to me did you think Id let
You dictated everything that I could be?

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