Versuri Redemption - Fall On You

Album: Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin

Therell come a time when love outlasts my insecurities
And Ill be unafraid that youre not here with me
I hold on
And I face another day
I hold on urgently to you
I let go
And my fears begin to fade
and now with pride we watch you make your way

Clouds overhead
lightning strikes and the thunder roars and I can only hope
Ive given you some shelter
you know its a stormful world and rain will fall on you

Run faster now
dont look back till youre far away
the hands that
Harm will try to drag you into shadow
you know its a sunless world and darkness falls on you

Its getting close to midnight and soon youll have to leave the haven of our comforting arms

I can feel you searching in the darkness and I hear you calling out my name
Search yourself for the part of me still with you
My presence there will never fade
Walls tumble down
you can hide but you know theyll find you, and I cant be
There every moment for protection
you know its a hostile world and hate may follow you

Outcomes an never be certain, but life is a
Chance that you take, and all that I
Can do is help you brace for it

Light overhead
storm clouds part and the darkness fades and in the stillness of a
New dawn youre still standing
you know its a frightening world and its a confusing
World, but you know that I have to believe you will find the goodness in it
with your heart
And soul as compass I will pray you find your way and that happiness will follow close behind and peace will fall on you