Versuri Redemption - Memory

Album: Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin

I still remember the sound of your voice calling out my name
And I still remember my face examining itself, knowing things would never be the same
I still remember your smiling face across a crowded room
And I still remember, through the weathering of time, that first embrace that sealed our doom

Your eyes stare at me, from every storefront
And your voice calls to me from every restaurant
And your laughter pierces me as I stand beneath the open sky
And your absence murders me as I sleep perchance to die

Seems like to escape is what I ought to do
But every road I take brings me back to you

I am frozen in the moment
clinging to your memory
and I dont
Want the ignorance that a spotless mind would bring
but Im
Scared my dying breath may be your name

Its just like I sang to you everyone knows that we live in a world
Where people give bad names to beautiful things
And if its really true that people should leave once theyve
Got what they came for, I certainly hope that youre holding it close to you now

I still remember the sunlight on your face that warm November day
And I still remember, my heartbeat quickened by desire, unaware of prices I would pay
I still remember the closing door the night we said goodbye, and I still
Remember losing you for good and knowing that a part of me had died
And I still pray that things will be alright
and I pray youll think of me tonight
And I know somehow Ill be alright and I hope that youre the same

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