Versuri Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come

Album: Refused - Shape of Punk to Come

Hey baby you never felt this good
Freedom through the stereo and
you wish you could take a bite
do a dance and get lost on a crusade
Jump on this soul train with destination unknown

We're all dressed up, we got nowhere to go
I told you so

Hey baby never felt this free
A pair of new shoes and a punk rock show to see
Give acclamation to these blue ribbon babies
And check the calendar for the expiration date

We've all been bitten
We've all been underground
We've all been beaten, battered, bruised
Told to get down

All dressed up we got somewhere to go
I told you so

Adolescent beats with a new thing to see
Smashed guitars just like you've seen on TV
With burning speakers and flaming hair
We'll have a riot right here