Terminals Chords - Relient K

Artist: Relient K
Album: Forget and not slow down
Song: Terminals (Amazon Exclusive; feat. Owl City)

Great song with two geniuses, Adam Young and Matt Thiessen. Enjoy !

(for the speoial chords, go at the end of the tab).

Key: C

Intro (x2): C/E  C/G  Dm/F  F   

Verse 1:
C/E   C/G   Dm/F          F 
They said the time it was dreadful

(Yeah, you could say that again)
C/E C/G    Dm/F          F  
Now there is one pair of heads full
(Of thoughts that don't make any sense)
             G                   C                    F
Just passing through, trying to catch that glimpse of you

  F                     C 
I never rolled on when I change
G                F
Terminals at A-T-L
It's a balance of grace
     Am                       G
In a place where I tripped and fell
       C                     F
But if grace receives all my weight
Am      G         F
Then it becomes a crutch
            Am    G           C         F
And I don't wanna walk with a crutch so much
    Dm             F                  C/E C/G Dm/F F  C/E C/G Dm/F F
That I can't stand taller than before

Verse 2 (as verse 1):
It's splintered and I felt horrendous
(Lying through the gap of my teeth)
Broken is when you can mend us
(So help me get back up on my feet)
Just passing through, trynna catch that glimpse of you


    Am      F                                  Dm  C
And I, I'm staring longer than I know I should be
  F                             G       Am
I can't believe you're standing next to me


Special chords:

C/E     C/G     Dm/F
e-0-    e-0-    e-1-
B-1-    B-1-    B-3-
G-0-    G-0-    G-2-
D-2-    D-2-    D-3-
A-3-    A-3-    A-X-
E-0-    E-3-    E-1-