Versuri Requiem Aeternam - Infamy

Album: Requiem Aeternam - Eternally Dying

Spiritual misery moments
Emptiness that fills the nothing
Treason feelings
And I'm not able to find you

I'm used to thinking about the time
When you were the kings of everything
I'm used to dreaming of the future where your presence
Will start to be heavy again
I'm used to believing in battles where you
Never lost your nerve
I'm used to following
Your way where you leave it

Everything gets nonexistent
Your presence liberates the revenge
The honour unties the scream
Your way unify our kingdom

I'm used to living
The history where you don't take part
I'm used to imagining
Prayers where you were the raven
I'm used to feeding
The ego in the darkness of the crying
I'm used to coming back
In the death of a lonely destiny



The scream of the black bird gives atmosphere
To the early morning
The poor steps surround the abbey
The axe that kills the sheep that screech
The eyes of the vulture reveal the mystery


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