Versuri Requiem Aeternam - Unknown

Album: Requiem Aeternam - Philosopher

Morals lead into decadence
Crowd of no one cry out
Vows from fools point out fake presence
Lover of saintliness
Kill your -self
Of blame and regret

My voice, your mass
Should plead for a new deal
My choice, your tears
Should please for what is real

If you show your skill
You will lose through hate
If you say your true will
You won't see the day
If you feign your distress
You will fail through fate
If you try you could feel
Before you the way

It's the anarchy that can arise like a beast
It's the structure that cannot complete its form
It's the emptiness when the light tries to create

Eternal send of humanity
Single line of the plurality
Transformation of divinity
Condemnation of the blasphemy

Who leads well -without leading-
Is not a warrior
Who fights bravely -without fighting-
Does not know anger
Who crushes enemies -without crushing-
Does not fight against them

Preaching without any gift
Teaching without any sword
Praying without any guilt
Learning without any word
Drawing no shapes
Deep fantasy
Painting the view
Of a cruel harmony

Silent leads into tranquility
Bird with no wings screech now
Vows from sages point out fake presence
Prince of calmness
Kill your -self
Of redemption and pardon

[Repeat verses 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6]

[Based on the book by Lao Tzu: Tao Teh Ching]