Versuri RESURRECTION - Embalmed Existance

Album: RESURRECTION - Embalmed Existence

You walk alone, lost in the world
My mind's at ease, your's dead in birth
My demons rise, from depths of old
They wait to ride on your defeat
Evangelistic torture,
Sinners reclaiming their faith into you
In time you'll burn in evil,
Your cold heart torment, torn and abused
Your pain becomes my pleasure
As I lie gaining my power and youth
I'll strike you down with vengeance
Darkness will rise and destroy what is true
Call to your father in vain
I will then rise and destroy
God has fgorsaken his son
Demons will rise and devour... embalmed existance
My time has come, please walk with me
I'll head you through eternity
Turn on me and you will die
For I am here, I am alive

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