Versuri RESURRECTION - Eyes Of Blind

Album: RESURRECTION - Embalmed Existence

Eyes, now have awaken
See thre pain the world has taken
Life, cities run rampid
Children born no hope fore existance
You think, your life's everlasting
Pray, you find the truth
This wretched world will kill you to
Eyes, view like blind
No one cares, of lies despair
Mind, closed so tight
Not wawre, of lies despair
Born through hatred, world's in chaos
Show no mercy, global warfare
Take no prisoners, save your life
Run for cover, can you survive
The pain, you feel in your heart
This world, will tear you apart
Blood, that runs through your veins
Will boil, from all of the rage
Your children, running in fear
Killing thre paople, you hold so dear
Close your eyes, close you mind
Show no mercy, or die
paople are the future,
Paople set us free,
P{aople lock the chains on us,
Bring us to our knees
paople are firgiving
King and so dawn pure
Paople are disease in life,
That pray upon your soul
Paople will awake to find,
the weorld left in their hands
Soon they are no paople, understand
Life's in the mind
Close your eyes it will pass you by
Life's in the heart
Feeblre mind get you nowhere
Dark, cold, morbid, life.

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