Album: RETURN TO INNOCENCE - ...In The Deep

While you're dark, through you're glaring
holding madness of the day in your hands
your speech is death of nerveless names.

You slumber, wait in the rock
keeping ward over passer-bies feeling.

When a pilgrim goes round, you're only smiling
fanfare of cries of martyred
Jab my eyes out and throw them into the sea
let them lie in the bluish tomb.
I don't want them, let the blood flow out of my eyes,
bare eyes as a gift to you

Kill my dreams, hew the tree down
let the swarfs burn in the eyes of love.
You'll give me black and furious
let it run cramped back to the fire

Light the fire in hearts of stone
of hushed demons in the roots of evil trees.
Let's fly with them like a silent thought
for murder of all into your house.

Myriads of stones and courts of gems
thousands of chambers of revived walls.
Singing in disharmony of our loving
and every groan of yours along with yell
Like when the sun sets for ever
and Satan digs his trident in it,
leading tempered silver
thus I'm dying, thus I love you, my STAR

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