Versuri Reveille - 06. Killing Me

Album: Reveille - Bleed the Sky

One by one by one- one at a time
Out of time, can't even afford to breath
Decimate my own mind-
One intent,
Because it's now and forever-
Better hold your peace
Increase, decrease, decease, release your mind
I'm staring right back at the face I hate
But not for long, forget the words, they're wrong
You can talk your s**t just get your f*****g story straight

Killing me-
Does the temptation turn you on?
Killing me-
My only hope, salvation- gone
Killing me-
Internal confrontations spawn
Killing me-
f****d up again, some friend

You'd better be ready for the worst-
Expect the worst
Modify me misery, I've grown soft inside
Retrogressing thought with time
Enemy of god designed to piggy back-
Pig, piggy, piggy back ride
All the way down, all the way down, all the way home
All the way back to where their father fell
I'd hesitate to talk cause I can feel it in me
I'm just too pussy-
I'd rather rot in heaven than in hell

Killing me- suck it, suck it back further-
This must be my penalty,
A sneak attack murdering all my integrity
It's self destruction,
Now I'm my own worst enemy
Identity is killing me

Killing me- why can't I see ahead of me
Recently I'm thinking I don't need you anymore
Killing me- I'll never be what I wanna be
No release cuz I know I'm my own worst enemy

Now it seems to be me
And it seems to me-
I am my own worst enemy

Killing me- my own lonely pretentious philosophy

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