Versuri REVEREND BIZARRE - Demons Annoying Me

Album: REVEREND BIZARRE - You Shall Suffer

Crawling from the dark, Calling me with names.
The evil ones from the past, tormenting me until I'm insane.
Straight from the depths of hell, The demons come to me.
Every night and day, the demons in my mind, they won't let me be.
Once I had been known as man with a pure heart
But suddenly something changed, I felt like my soul had been torn apart
The evil deed of mine Can never be washed away.
I killed the one I loved, and now the demons come every night and day.

"you are just a waste of life, we'll come back to the hour you'll burn. Nothing that you can do, you can't even understand. Now you will live in this spell until the day you die. Just kill yourself, there is no-one to cry. Kill yourself. Kill yourself."

I will do it, if you'll just leave me be..

"No, we will be with you forever."

I don't wanna die, god, lord have mercy on me. I don't wanna die, please aid me, I've always loved you.

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