Versuri REVEREND BIZARRE - The Wandering Jew

Album: REVEREND BIZARRE - Harbinger Of Metal

He was dragging the cross to the Place of Skulls
Through a crowd that mocked him with all different ways
Under the heavy burden he cried for help
He looked at my eyes, I spat on his face!
He was said to be saviour, a Son of God
Somehow he failed to save even his own a*s
Or was it just a guestion of being a martyr,
An example of justness for the lower class?
I said keep on moving as he tried to rest
He said you keep moving too, until I return
With these words he cursed me, this Nazarene
And now I'm just waiting for this world to burn!
Forever I wander, forever alone
Until the Judgment Day I must walk here
On this piece of s**t you call earth
But I don't f*****g care because the end is near - ha!!!
Oh yeah, Jesus cast the spell
No sign of grace of God, he condemned me into this Hell
Until the end of the world I have to walk alone
Dear Lord I'm asking from you: did you cast the first stone?
Praise Jesus! And his forgiveness!!!

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