Versuri Rezistor - Beware the Silent

Album: Rezistor - Beware the Silent

So empty, so hollow I lay down to rest
I gave all I had, I did all my best
I silenced my heartbeat, I killed all my needs
My body is freezing but my soul still bleeds...

The death of my dreams left nothing but reason
Painless now I live but I feel like in prison
No hate and no wrath shine into my eyes
The love I once felt, dismissed no more strives

Maybe today I'll take dad's gun to school

I don't want to harm or be harmed again
But I don't want to waste this life all in vain
So I must now live, feel, give and receive
Though this means to love, hate and forgive

And after my resources are wasted once more
I'll step away from life and get to the shore
Where everything's grey and minds are released
But I'll hunger for life as I am just a beast.

Maybe today I'll take dad's gun to school

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