Versuri Richie Kotzen - Come Back (Swear To God)

Album: Richie Kotzen - Slow

I've been talkin it over with myself
I could leave it open but I cant decide
we're in so far now I cant see clear and it's all over my head

how long can you hold on to a promise
thats what this whole charade has come to 
I was so wrong and I know right now that I cant come back this time

I know I put you through a lot
Im different now I swear to god
oh say it say you'll let me come back
I'll give you everything I got tell me that wanna start 
oh say it say you'll let me come back

I've been movin slower in my life
talkin the time to let this hole fill up
and so far I can say that I feel like everything is comin around

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