Versuri Richie Kotzen - Rust

Album: Richie Kotzen - Something to Say

Tell me please how a woman 
can move you in so many ways 
then she leaves you alone to let you know how it feels
Baby I know I've been wrong to you 
but these days much too hard

The best years have found a home 
Fallin the corner of my mind
I know we're not gettin no younger,
aint no use hidin what I know
it's better to lose at love 
then to have never loved at all
I know tears wont do me no justice,
theres only rust in my eyes

I'm on my knees every night prayin for you in my life
and now I see very clear what it was I sacrificed
Well if I knew what I had from the start I'd have never
never let it go this far

All my life I've been hangin on,
but the time ..the time is right...
and I am really all right...yeah

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