Versuri Richie Kotzen - Special

Album: Richie Kotzen - Get Up

You said to me im not what your looking for
Your movin on somebody else can give you more
So I let you go thinking will never meet again
Buy here you are and baby I wanna know
Did you wanna be rich did you wanna feel special
Did you wonder in all this time how I
Was livin without you
Did you wanna be cruel did you think that I never would go on
Now all the things you thought you had have gone
Let that be a lesson to you
Its funny how life can change
You never know until you walk away
I see you now and your lost and afraid
Because you know had love
And you wanted more
I give your more than I ever got back
You left me here to forget about that
Have gone
Let that be a lesson to you
Your special your so special your so special to me
All things that you wanted now you know were wrong
You gave up love for something more let that be a lesson to you

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