Versuri Rimfrost - Legacy Through Blood

Album: Rimfrost - Veraldar Nagli

When one day becomes my last
And a new one starts again
When my life has reached it's end...

Can't we feel the essence of life
What makes people say a prayer?
It's just empty words

Every journey has it's ending
Now it's my time to walk the line
Before I'm dead and gone
I remember all the years I've won

The ebony sky feels electric
With it's cold ripping stream of air
The autumn moon rise bright and eccentric
My eyes rest on the beauty in black

The winds will be my guide
And the raven shall be my eyes
Only in Northland I find my path
What if life was eternal
If all was neverending
Once again, as old times
We unite

Father, mother, brothers in arms do you see my flame?
It burns so strong as my heart is gone,
my ending of pain
I walk the way, the path you choose...
Do you see me?
Cast no sorrow when I died, I can see you now!
I am home!

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